NDL's Words of Wisdom

NDL's core words of wisdom, as taught to him by the Supreme Llama, who rules the universe, spitting peanuts and playing the accordion..

The Grand Master Llama speaks out on:


"To frolic, as a llama would, is to live."

"You don't learn to frolic, you release the frolic within."

"They may say you cannot frolic. They may scorn you for frolicking in public places. I say, frolic by example, and others will follow suit."

"Life is short. Frolic hard."

"Don't frolic in the wet spots."

"We all frolic in the end."


"Spit peanuts only at those you hate, or those you love."

"Licking salt is no substitute for a good macadamia."


"Control your frolicking, or your frolicking will control you."

"Just because llamas don't clean up after themselves doesn't make it right."

"Don't lick something unless you really mean it."


"Don't just stand there, frolic!"


"Always leave the doors to frolicking open."

"Frolic slyly and they shall come to you."

"Don't bite off more than you can chew, or you will look like a silly llama."

"Dance as a llama would." NDL

Now that you are filled with llama wisdom, you have several choices.