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NDL-Amp designed by FONDL member Jessica Lea Scott

"WinAmp: It really kicks my butt." - NDL
This is a special Llamafied skin for the WinAMP audio player by Nullsoft, Inc.

Did you know that the Llama Caretaker is a positive-review-getting New Age musician?
Check out his music at:

The Naked Dancing Llama has an Official Theme song, "Peanut Spitter."
The goal is to have this song written in as many different musical formats as possible to reflect NDL's worldwide following. Right now there are three versions, the Jamaican one you hear right now, the SKA one (in the Mighty Mighty Bosstones sort of style) and a Techno one over at Coming soon will be a Diva version as well as others! The silliness possibilities never end! Feel free to submit your own!

Here's the words to the Peanut Spitter song:

"Peanut spitter carry me!
Peanut spitter set me free!
Take me where I want to be; Llama carry me!

Woke up this mornin'
And I looked at the rising sun.
Peanut spitters everywhere sayin'
Frolic, everyone!"

"Peanut Spitter" (C)1996-2004 Christopher Feyrer

Listen to the Bosstones-inspired SKA version!

Check out the techno version! (High quality MP3)