Naked Dancing Llama: The Movie

Trial by fire: the writing of the NDL movie

..somewhere in the Santa Monica mountains, the llama caretaker plots on how to make Hollywood executives frolic rather than churn out Spiceworld 3..

YES, there really is a screenplay, and it's not written in llama spit!

NDL is now officially registered with the Writers' Guild of America. By the way, the shirt actually says "Downnload This" and did not come out because of the bright Los Angeles sun.

Over a year in development, with a completed treatment and a partially completed screenplay, an NDL movie is a definite possibility. After drafting a treatment, the llama Caretaker went to Los Angeles last summer in a definitive effort to determine who would produce the NDL movie.

His target? Chris Carter, creator of the X-Files. A master of the weird, and surfer, Carter's touch would be perfect. Unfortunately, NDL is a bad golfer and could not approach Carter the same way Carter had approached the head of Fox with the X-Files pitch.

The results of the trip? Made a valuable contact at 1013, and learned the REAL way Hollywood works.

I've got a lot of screenwriting to do.

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