NDL sees Macarena as Middle East Savior

Picure (C) 1996 CNN

"The macarena is the most effective tactical weapon ever concieved. - NDL

Naked Dancing Llama, advice giving llama who is running for President, announced today a new tactic to secure peace in Middle Eastern Nations. Dubbed the "macarena manuever", it would involve strategic dropping of several thousand loudspeakers in enemy territories. Then, at a perscribed moment, the Marcarena would be broadcast full blast on repeat until such time all citizens were dancing uncontrollably.

The Macarena would be broadcast at 140 db, the same volume of a jet plane taking off. It would first penetrate the cochlea, then move onto the ear drum, until the pulsing sensations would move directly to the brain causing what has become to be known as the macarena response, the typical dance associated with the song. As the helpless Middle Eastern soldiers danced uncontrollably, peace would then be restored by the United Nations, having had already been overexposed and desensitized to the macarena response.

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