Naked Dancing Llama(tm) on your page?

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NDL thanks the Cininnati Times online (April 2004) for their recent mention.

Other places that are FONDLers:

HBO Comedy Festival
Yahoo! Site of the Week (where it all started)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Wired! Magazine online
Several sports teams who are using NDL shirts for their official T-shirts

Here's the HTML code to add a link showing your FONDL membership on your own home page.


SRC="" border=0 ALT="FONDL: The

Naked Dancing Llama Fan Club!">


The link will look like this:
FONDL: The Naked Dancing Llama Fan Club

If you want just the picture, take out "FONDL: The Naked Dancing Llama Fan Club".
If you want just the text, take out <IMG SRC="">
NDL thanks you in advance for your support.

NDL is trademarked...if you choose to make a page devoted to NDL, please remember the trademark insignia and that "Naked Dancing Llama is a trademark of Christopher Feyrer". Thank You!

Talk to other FONDLers in the fan forum. Please help to bring up the intellectuality of this forum!