Who is that unclothed beast?NDL

in his sporty ferrari.

Here he is, the Internet's only tangoing, peanut-spitting, advice giving llama, in his ferrari.

Since his birth on the net in fall 1995 (November 10, 1995 is going to be the official "Naked Dancing Birthday", FONDLers), NDL has given advice to hundreds of netsurfers regarding everything from their personal lives to complex math problems. His urges to help out mankind has prompted him to run for President of the United States, in this and subsequent elections.
You can ask NDL for advice through this handy form provided by a freaky high schooler by the name of dirt. "Dirt" is quoted as saying, "Too much Naked Dancing llama is like too much kiwi-strawberry Snapple, it just can't happen."

NDL has gone on to provide music to frolic to to the masses, in the MP3 format, and has brought his Caretaker along for the ride. Plans exist, even, for a Naked Dancing Llama movie! Stay tuned and frolic always.

(C) 2000 Christopher J. Feyrer (including lovely llama-ferrari image)